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The next time you get a hair cut or trim your nails, consider your trees. They, too, can use a trim now and then to maintain their health and good looks.
For reputable, precision tree trimming in Union City, MI, contact me at Book Tree & Stump Removal. My team of tree pruning experts has earned a reputation for reliable service and strict attention to safety, while providing professional tree services at some of the lowest prices in the region.
Trees are a major focal point in most landscaping designs. Because they are your largest plants, tree maintenance should not be left to a friendly neighbor with a new saw and a spare weekend.
As a certified arborist with years of experience in tree management and landscape maintenance, I can provide you with expert trimming to satisfy every need. I offer:

  • Tree Shaping and Crown Reduction
  • Tree Thinning for Increased Sunlight
  • Damaged or Diseased Limb Removal
  • Hazardous Limb Removal
  • Trimming to Free Overhead Wiring
  • Storm Damage Removal
  • Branch Pruning for a Better View
  • And More
My team is completely licensed and insured for your protection as well as theirs. They also represent years of experience working on all sizes of trees in all types of locations.
If you suspect your tree may be diseased or suffering from a bug infestation, I can examine it for you and give you a complete diagnosis. If trimming is needed, it will be kept to a minimum to preserve the tree’s shape. 
In addition to trimming, trees also can use additional nutrients from fertilization or soil aeration. I will provide you with a complete condition report and free estimate.
Keep you trees in top shape and condition with precision tree trimming by Book Tree & Stump Removal in Union City, MI. 

Arrange for a tree inspection and a free estimate today. ​

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