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Let’s face it, tree stumps are ugly. No matter what flower pot or garden gnome you put on it, that fact cannot be hidden. They also can be in the way of making full use of your property.
For complete and affordable stump removal in Union City, MI, call on my team of specialists at Book Tree & Stump Removal. We have the equipment and experience to provide reliable, precision stump grinding that can effectively give you back your yard.
There could be a variety of reasons you need my professional services to improve your landscaping. Perhaps you thought you could incorporate or disguise the stump to save money on a recent tree removal. Or, perhaps the stump already was there from someone else’s incomplete attempts at tree management or tree clearing.
As a reputable and experienced certified arborist, I pride myself on the reputation I have garnered for providing thorough tree maintenance and removal services. Among my tree services, I also provide lot clearing, which requires deep stump grinding for optimum results and provides my client with a terrain that is ready for other uses.
I also know that leaving a stump behind even after a single tree removal is a recipe for trouble. Stumps are not only unsightly, they can also block the free movement of lawn equipment. They can be a pedestrian hazard and can wind up being the home of termites or rats and other varmints. They also make a rotten home plate, often literally.
Call on me at Book Tree & Stump Removal for complete stump removal, which will leave you with a level space for re-planting or building, as well as with a load of beneficial garden mulch. 

Contact me in Union City, MI for a free estimate and prompt service.

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